A million new rugs now available on the real rug company

Yes, it sounds like a big number,  but seeing as you can choose the exact size and colour of your new rug, then the possibilities are endless … and strictly speaking it is an under-exageration.

https://www.therealrugcompany.co.uk/flokati_shop/index_mto_rugs.htm – you will find about 70 new styles that are only made to order.

Throughout the rest of the website, you will find that our most popular rugs can now easily be ordered in any dimensions you choose.

So if you want a Highlander rug that is 5meters by 10 meters, you can simply order it online.

Also we now have a colour sample box, which can be loaned out (for a deposit), so you can choose exactly the sahde of rug you want. This is especially good for our new Bamboo viscose rugs and silk rugs.

The new Bamboo viscose rugs are really really nice. It is hard to tell the difference from the pure silk ones.

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