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Hello and welcome to The Real Rug Company, 2012.

We thought we might start off this year by taking a look at the rug that started it all. The rug that looks just as at home in the mahogany confines of an academics library as on the marble floor of a rockstars bedroom… the luxurious Flokati.

We generally concentrate on the 2800g/m2 and 1700g/m2 thicknesses, as these cover the spectrum of an ultra-thick luxurious, warm, centrepiece to the room, but also being affordable to even the most modest of budgets. We can go up to 4000+ g/m2 if you wish.

Our Flokati are made from 100% New Zealand wool, which is widely accepted to be the highest quality wool for making rugs. Wool is naturally stain resistant and in fact actually looks better the more it is used. Over time you will notice your rug get a wonderful lustre and really make itself at home, becoming one of your favourite pieces of furniture.

We have our Flokati made in the homeland of all Flokati, Greece. We have worked with the same factory for many years and as well as being masters of their craft, they are also very nice people to work with too!

Flokati Rugs have been a Greek tradition for centuries. The rugs originally serviced the shepherds, being used as clothing, beds for tents, keeping them warm during the long winter months. The 5th century Vlachs, who lived in Samarina, the highest Village on the Pindos mountains, were the inventors of the Flokati Rug.

We find the classic off-white is by far the most popular still, though recent years have seen the popularity of the mixed Beige & White increase. This brightens the room up a little more with it’s rich almost buttery warmth of tone.
What would your room look like with one of these? If the thought is appealing, give us a call on 02081230557 and let us answer any questions you may have. Alternatively why not order direct from the site and get Free Deliveries if your order is over £70 and in mainland UK…free 7 day returns apply too!

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Real Rug Company

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