Some Frequently Asked Questions about Workers Conditions

We have visited all production facilities and the conditions are good.
A customer recently asked us these questions about our rugs, so I thought I would share the answers direct from our rug production facility in India.

– do we use ecological cotton and hemp (and indeed which of our used materials are eco) in the hemp rugs?
we use natural cotton and hemp when used in the pile and are in body contact 
– are there any poisonous materials used in the manufacturing process?
none of the material used in manufacturer are poisonous 
– are any such remaining in the finished products?
– are the workers themselves ever in contact with any hazardous/poisonous material?
no they are not ….also when they deal with latex or wool they are made to wear gloves and mask to protect from the  small particle which may be flying in the air and the latex may not stick to there skin after drying up  none of the raw material used are toxic 
– what is the average working day length for the workers?
the time of working are 9 to 6 in the morning with a 1 hr lunch session in the afternoon at 1:pm  
– how many days a week do they work?
6 days a week 1 day Is mandatory holiday as per the gudilines of Indian govt 
If they are requested to work on a holiday which is very rare they are paid twice the salary . 
– what is their pay in comparison to averages?
each person is paid according to there skill set like unskilled , semi skilled, skilled as it is a hand made industry . 
we follow the  guidlines and the labour laws as per the indian govt for unskilled , semi skilled and skilled they are paid Provident fund  which is mandatory for all the person in which the employee share is 12.5% and the company put 12.5% from there side as per the  govt guidelines.
We provide them paid leaves and good working condition as per the Laws governing us in India 

We are registered under the factories act of India also have been working with stores in UK and USA etc  so these systems are in place 
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