5 Coastal summer rug ideas for your home

From indoor to outdoor, these colorful rugs add the perfect pop to any summery houses. Here are our picks for a coastal summery british feel to your home. The prices and the sizes varies, we have about plenty of choice so you should find a rug in your size and price range that suits you. All rugs are available for free next day delivery within UK from www.therealrugcompany.co.uk – you will find our complete range there.

1. Square Spiral Rug – Ocean

These rugs are made with New Zealand wool pile, tightly looped, and a sturdy cotton base
Square Spiral rugs are high quality rugs that will last a lifetime. Square Spiral Rugs here

2. Hemp Braid Rug – Grey

This rug is made from soft hemp fibres, which are spun together and woven in a chunky knit design on a heavy cotton base. The hemp fibres have a slight sheen, so always look fantastic and fresh. Available in several colours and sizes, from £55. Buy hemp braid rugs here

3. Stone garden rugs

This rug is made from New Zealand wool on a heavy cotton base. The pile is approximately 4cm deep and is interspersed with large Stone Garden (c. 6cm wide). It feels great to walk on and to lay on. It looks fantastic and is unique to us. They are available in 3 colours and 3 sizes. Buy stone garden rugs here

4. Salar Bamboo rugs

This rug is made from bamboo viscose. It has lines across the middle and a wide border around the edge. It is wonderfully silky soft to walk on, and will go very well in most rooms. It looks and feels like pure silk. Buy Salar bamboo here

5. Natural jute rugs

The jute rug feels very soft in one direction and rough in the other. The natural earthy colours radiate at you. It is something special. Handcrafted and stitched to create a durable surface for any room, jute rugs are earth-friendly choices for any “green” home. A Jute rug is a sophisticated choice in modern day rug choices. Buy jute rugs here

Shop rugs in real natural materials at www.therealrugcompany.co.uk
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