The new Real Rug Company website

I’ve been meaning to re-build for quite some time. The website needs to be mobile friendly, more searchable and easier to update and upgrade.

My plan was to move The Real Rug Company on to Magento – an open source content management system. I have been testing this with our hammocks website (, but it has been slow loading and a bit above my skill level. I did not feel sure that thiswas the best solution for The Real Rug Company. Our customers really deserve a fast loading and easy to use website, so that has been my aim.

This week some evil git hacked our website. They overwrote some pages with some pornography. I can’t see what they would have to gain so can only assume it was done for twisted fun.  No data was compromised because all the order details are not part of the website. However it meant that I had to completely wipe the server. I have a backup of the website, but it is a bit out of date, so it was a good opportunity to get on with our new website.

I hope you like the new version. We have tested it a lot, but if you find anything that seems to be missing or doesn’t work as it should, then please let me know.

Here is a picture of the first version of our website from 2005 !

The old Real Rug Company website from 2005
The old Real Rug Company website from 2005



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