India bans cash – try Bitcoin

In another example of why it is better to buy rugs with Bitcoin, here is a message i received today from one of our suppliers:

“Would like to tell you that due to the demonetization policies of our Prime minister Mr Modi .
We are totally out of cash .
Leather was ordered and we could not pay the supplier in cash so he is still holding the leather with him for want of cash as leather for one piece can be bought in cash only they dont accept cheques .
the govt is only allowing us cash for 4000 Rs which is approx 50 GBP a week which we are spending in basic necessities .
It may be a month that the cash situation is restored and we are able to buy again .
though it appears too be a good move for black money etc but we are totally screwed up for the want of cash.
Waiting for the new currency to be distributed by the banks so that we can proceed with our daily business .”

India operates largely as a cash economy. What were they thinking ?!

Time to adopt Bitcoin as a superior form of money. That is why we offer 10% off for anyone who pays for rugs with Bitcoin.

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