Happy New Year 2017 from The Real Rug Company

2016 was a very interesting year. I have to admit I was fascinated by the US election. Strangely similar and slightly better even than watching ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix!

2017 will be our 12th Year!
Our aim this year is to be your go-to rug supplier. i.e. I need a rug, easy-easy The Real Rug Company… We have upgraded our website during December 2016 and now offer free delivery and returns on everything.

Most people need at least one rug every few years, either due to moving house or just the desire to make a room feel fresh and new.

A new rug, is a very time effective way to rejuvenate a room. You can order a rug on The Real Rug Company in about 2 minutes with our new speedy secure checkout, so add that to the time it takes to choose. When the rug arrives, it takes about 5 minutes to unpack and roll out the rug and Bingo Bongo Bango, your room is all fresh and awesome again. Yiou are pretty much changing the whole floor in a few minutes.

Happy New Year to you, we hope everything you wish for happens this year!

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