Rugs UK Sale

At the moment we are having a sale on many of our flokati rugs. The biggest discount is 52%, so if you are looking for a good quality flokati rug, then now is your chance. The price you see is the price pay.

Wayfair Rugs UK

You might have heard of Wayfair. It is quite a big company. They basically apporach smaller retailers, try and get a discount of their usual trade prices, then try and sell things, especially rugs, at a lower price. They buy rugs from us, but they do not sell at a lower price usually. If they do, we will always match it. It is funny to be competing with a customer!

Area Rugs UK

The Real Rug Company has a very big range of area rugs. I particularly like the striped rugs. We think the colour combinations are really perfect depending on your taste. The colour combinations for those rugs were fairly scientifically chosen in that they are the top colour pallets out of millions, according to one of top websites for choosing colour schemes on the web. Which rug do you like best ?

Best Rugs UK

Here at The Real Rug Company, we think we are selling the best rugs in the UK. Because we design our own rugs and we import them directly from many manufacturers around the world, there are no middlemen, and we have full control over the quality.

This means that you get a better rug for your money. It also means that our rugs come from the place where there is the most expertise in making them. For example our flokati rugs come from Greece. We could get cheaper ones elsewhere, but Greece is the best place to get the highest quality of flokati rug.

Some of our other rugs come from a town in India that is well known for making rugs. Factories in this town make rugs for IKEA, but IKEA has a huge focus on squeezing out every cost saving. i.e. how far apart can the knots possible be. How little wool can we get away with. We don’t have that pressure.

Rugs For Sale

Read this recent testimonial from one of our lovely customers. It really encapsulates what we at The Real Rug Company have been trying to achieve since 2005. This is why we have rugs for sale.

“The rug is beautiful. Outstanding quality. I love rugs and have bought many, but the three rugs I’ve now bought from Real Rug are absolute keepers. This one is exactly as described and just shouts quality. Colour is quite light, an almond white colour with a few sandy strands, perfect for my room on the oak floor. Delivery was next day. Could not be happier. Thankyou very much for your excellent products and service. I recommend you to all who ask about the rug and many do.”
Louise A / February 2019

Rugs Direct

We sell rugs direct to the consumer. We also supply rugs to resellers, hotels, designers and many other locations and types. If you are interested in buying rugs from us in bulk, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Or read more about becoming a trade customer.

The Rug Seller

..of the year 2019. That is what we aim for. I don’t think there is an industry award. Maybe we should start one? It would be great to receive a trophy and receive all that recognition. If you have seen any websites where they are clearly in charge of their own awards process, please let us know.


I mentioned IKEA rugs a bit earlier. We do buy rugs from a town in India where many people have made rugs for IKEA. It is interesting to see what rugs and styles they have available at any time and to compare their rugs with ours. I think IKEA is quite easy option for rugs, but I would prefer to just order online from The Real Rug Company and have it delivered for FREE in the UK the next day. I don’t want to see all those people arguing in IKEA, especially not arguing over rugs!

Thank you for reading. We hoped you enjoyed this weeks blog post.

Now visit The Real Rug Company and buy some rugs 🙂

Rugs UK - Reindeer Hides from The Real Rug Company

External Resources

Google search for ‘ Rugs UK ‘ – you can find a plethora of companies re-selling rugs in the UK. Compare , then realise the time you wasted and buy from us!

History of IKEA – quite an amazing business story

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