Flokati Rug 1400g/m2 140x200cm Purple – sku:pu144


This is a colourful flokati rug. This flokati rug is 1400g/m2. This flokati has a wool pile and a polypropylene base.

Soft – luxurious – and plush – best describes the feel of an exquisite area rug from Greece!

All of our Flokatis are hand-woven, with the pile made from 100% New Zealand drysdale wool type 126/7 – which is by far the best wool in the world.

This rug is easy to take care of. Wool is naturally stain and dirt resistant, so all you need to do is give the rug a good shake from time to time. Smaller flokatis can easily be washed in a washing machine, and larger ones can be washed in a bath.

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