Natural Flokati Rug 2800g/m2 170x240cm – sku:66666004 (SECOND – see details)


This particular Flokati rug has dust and dirt on one corner only from warehouse renovations, and should be absolutely fine if you have that corner slightly obscured by furniture.

It is quite probable that you can clean it up to full glory again with some love and care (and mildly warm water and perhaps a little wool shampoo!)
Please note: no products containing bleach should be used! It turns the wool yellow…

This is our extra thick flokati rug. It is made from pure New Zealand wool on a wool backing. It has 2.8kg of wool per square meter, which means that it feels thick and spongy and is comfortable to lay on.

This flokati rug is the traditional natural white colour. It will make a space cosy and inviting, and will lighten up a dark room.

Our flokati rugs are hand made in Greece, the traditional home of the flokati.

We only use New Zealand drysdale wool type 126/7 – which is by far the best wool in the world, so you can be sure of a great quality rug.

Caring for your flokati rug is easy. The smallest ones will fit in a washing machine, but generally all you need to do is to give the rug a good shake and it will be fresh again. For the bigger rugs, you can wash them in the bath every few years.

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