We've all done it, gone through about 20 websites looking for something and buying from the first one anyway..

So, what makes The Real Rug Company the right choice?

Here are 5 reasons why our rugs and our service is MUCH better than other online rug shops...

1. Guaranteed Price and Quality

If you find the same rug for sale elsewhere and it is at a lower price, we will match the price, or if you have already bought it, we will refund any difference and give you a voucher to use on our other websites - then we will adjust our prices accordingly! If any defect develops with a rug, we will collect the rug from you at our expense and refund or replace it according to your wish. Shop with confidence at The Real Rug Company.

2. FREE Overnight delivery in the UK

Other than a few highland and island postcodes your new rug will be delivered free of charge on an overnight service.

3. Rugs Made From Natural Materials

We focus on natural materials for our range of rugs. Wool, jute, hemp, leather. All these material have advantages over man made alternatives. They are fire and stain resistant for example.

4. Authentic Rugs From The Place In The World Where They Traditionally Originate.

You can get Chinese Flokati rugs, but we have them made in Greece because that is where they have traditionally been made for a very long time, and we believe that means a better quality rug for you. Likewise you can get cowhides rugs from India, but we get ours from Argentina because that is where the longest tradition is. We follow this principle across our range of rugs.

5. Rugs Designed In-House To Ensure Highest Specifications

For example, our Highlander rugs have a 10cm deep pile. It was originally 6cm. The knots are closer together and in a checkerboard pattern rather than further apart and in rows. The result is a better rug. We upgrade and improve all rugs which we stock.


How to get FREE Shipping.

Step 1:  Have a UK delivery address.
Step 2:  Order a rug and we will ship for FREE!