Guide To Flokati Rug Weight And Thickness

Which Flokati Weight
2800g/m2 or 1700g/m2  ?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "which weight of flokati should I choose?" or to ask another way: "Is it worth paying more for the heavier weight flokati rug?".

  1. They look quite similar. If you walk in to a room it would be hard to immediately tell which weight of flokati you are looking at. If you saw the two different weight rugs side by side you could immediately tell which one was superior.

  2. They feel quite different underfoot. This is probably why you might want to spend the extra money on the 2800g/m2 flokati.  When you walk on it, it feels soft and springy underfoot and you can not feel a hard floor through it.
    Contrast this with the 1700g/m2 rug. You can feel the hardness of the floor through the rug. 

  3. Another difference in the feeling underfoot is the insulation from the temperature of the floor underneath. Both thicknesses of rugs will feel warmer than any cold floor they sit on, but the thicker flokati will stop any coldness from the floor coming through.

  4. Ease of washing. The lighter weight flokati are generally easier to handle. You can fit a bigger rug in to a washing machine. If you home washing machine can handle up to about 9kg, then that would be enough to wash a 140x200cm rug of the heavier weight, and a 170x240cm of the 1700gram weight.

You can see the difference in appearance in the pictures on the right. Remember, that we offer free delivery and free returns, so you don't need to worry about your decision.