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Flokati Rugs

These are original Greek Flokati rugs. The 2800g/m2 flokati rugs are made from 126/7 Drysdale New Zealand wool on a base of the same wool. These are the most luxurious flokati rugs. They are thick and soft and being wool, they just improve with age and use. The lighter weight flokati rugs have a wool pile on a strong polypropylene base. You can choose from about 8 colours of flokati rugs, and we have many sizes in stock. We also have round flokati rugs in stock in a range of sizes. All our stock rugs are available for free next day delivery in the UK and we are so sure you will love your new rug that we offer free returns too.

Your might have noticed flokati rugs available online or in shop such as Ikea

They look quite similar, so what's the difference ?

Here are 5 reasons that make a flokati rug from The Real Rug Company better than others:

1. Our flokati rugs come from Greece

Greece is the country where the flokati rug originated. It is the place where they have the longest tradition and the most expertise when it comes to making flokati rugs. Also it means they are not being shipped by air to the UK.

2. Flokati rugs made with New Zealand wool

New Zealand wool, specifically 126/7 drysdale wool is superior quality wool. Not all flokati rugs are made with this wool. All of ours do, even the ones with the polypropylene base. Higher quality wool feels softer, gets better with age and is more dirt and stain resistant.

3. Flokati rugs which are thicker

Our heaviest weight flokati rugs, are 2800g/m2. This is wool on a wool base, so the whole thickness is wool. We also have thinner ones on a polypropylene base. The thinner ones need the stronger polypropylene base to hold them strong, but with the extra thick flokati rugs, you can feel the luxury of 100% wool all the way through.

4. Flokati rugs delivered on an overnight service for FREE

We offer free shipping and free returns on your flokati rug. Order by lunch, and you can expect to receive your gorgeous new rug tomorrow. And if you are not 100% happy, just let us know and we will collect it from you at no cost to you.

5. Bespoke Flokati Rugs

If you need a gigantic flokati rug, we can make it for you. We have already made some huge rugs. It takes about 5 weeks to make in Greece and about 1-2 weeks to ship. We can make many colours and adjust the thickness to your preference.

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Some customer photos of their new Flokati Rug from November 2018