What rug is suitable for pollen allergy?

Spring is in the air! and so is pollen. Some people might think that pollen and rugs just dont go together. As a person with severe pollen allergy since birth i must say that applies to carpets and rugs that the pollen gets stuck too. A bare home without rugs – that’s just so sad. I cant do that. You need a rug to feel homely. A bare naked home without rugs, and cushions and some art – that’s like a prison!

There are different rugs that attract pollen to different degrees so I will show you some of my favourites that I haven’t had any problem with. The key is: Find a rug that repells dust. That you can hoover or shake outside easily.

The bamboo rugs and natural cow hides (with short hair that are fairly light weight for shaking), and patchwork cowhides that we have are excellent choices.

Here are some ideas:

All our cowhides are unique – there are only one of each!
Patchwork cowhides – many designs – limited stock of each design. 

Get your custom bamboo rug in any colour and size you want.

All rugs are available on our webshop www.therealrugcompany.co.uk

Picky? Like nothing? Don’t worry – we are very flexible and can custom make any rug in your design! Have a look at our information about custom rugs on our website for more information.

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