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Made to order rugs

Falling in love with a rug is easy! Getting it in the right size is usually the hard part. Well, not with us! You can visit our Bespoke section and have your favorite rug made in the exact size to fit your room. For a huge variety of styles, please visit

25% OFF all MyPashmina items!

Since the Christmas holidays are so close and we know getting the perfect gifts is always a challenge, we would like to give you a helping hand by offering you a 25% discount on ALL our items on Please use the code MYDIS25 until November the 20th and make the best of it!

Now you have to admit this is indeed the cutest rug you have ever seen ;)! Its thick pile and tentacle like weave, make it the perfect match for your kids room or playing area as its both comfy and warm. For more sizes please see or have them made to order in any size.