Is (Mypashmina Ltd) GDPR compliant ? ***NEW EU REGULATIONS***

  1. Is all customer data kept secure in one safe place ?
    Yes. We keep customer data secure on our own server. Access is secured with 2 Factor Authentication. We only keep order and contact details. We do not keep any card or payment details.
  2. Is all customer data recorded for a specific purpose and is the customer aware of this ?
    Yes, the data such as name and address is recorded so that the customers order can be delivered and so that Mypashmina can communicate with the customer regarding their order.
  3. Is all personal data consented to by the individual ?
    Yes, the customer is unable to place an order without voluntarily entering the necessary details to process and communicate regarding that order.
  4. Will we remove all customer details if asked to by that individual ?
    Yes, it takes about 3 clicks from our end to remove any and all data regarding an individual, not withstanding that we have to keep a record of each transaction for the tax authorities.
  5. Will we contact the relevant authorities within 72 hours if  there is a data breach ?
    Yes, in the extremely unlikely event that there is a data breach, we will contact the relevant authorities.
  6. Do we keep a record of how customers have consented to be contacted by Mypashmina? 
    Yes, to consent to be contacted other than in direct relation to an order, from May 25th 2018, customers must click on a link in an email to confirm their consent. Also known as double opt-in. We keep a record automatically of this double opt in.
  7. What should you do if you feel we have not been compliant ?
    Please tell us. We will fix any problem immediately.
  8. Where can you read the full text of this new EU law ?

We comply :)
Why make these new laws ?

It’s called regulatory capture. The big companies lobby the governments to ratchet up the regulation which benefits them and harms their smaller competitors in case any of them take any market share.

Who benefits ?

Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook, Twitter benefit. If small businesses have a massively reduced email list, then they have to either sell their products via the big outlets like Amazon and Ebay, or pay Facebook, Twitter and Google for advertising. Also the big high street stores benefit. Email newsletters act as a little reminder that that great small store you bought from last year is still around. High street stores are hard to forget, so a reminder is not necessary.

It isn’t the consumer, that is for sure. See the video to the right about what you might be saved from! Ironically, my twitter feed always has some EUROPEAN COMMISSION advert that I didn’t ask for in my feed. They auto-play videos at me automatically using up a tiny bit of my monthly bandwidth.

New Email Newsletter Rules

How will it effect you?

Have you ever gone to the ‘promotions’ tab in your email, scanned through to see if anything is of interest, then deleted all of them without reading any ?

The EU has decided that this is too much trouble, so from 28th May 2018, unless you re-affirm that you want to receive news from Mypashmina, you will not continue to receive news.

The video below shows what you will be protected from.

Am I missing something?

If you read this and think I missed something, please let me know. We are always happy to hear views and news from our lovely customers.

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