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7 Interesting Facts About Reindeer Skins or Buy Here

Most Reindeer Skins Come From Sami People.

Sami people come from the northern parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. Reindeer skins from The Real Rug Company originate from northern Sweden.

Traditionally, the Sámi have pursued a variety of livelihoods, including coastal fishing, fur trapping, and sheep herding. Their best-known means of livelihood is semi-nomadic reindeer herding.

At the moment, about 10% of the Sámi are connected to reindeer herding, providing them with meat, fur, and transportation. About 2,800 Sámi people are actively involved in reindeer herding on a full-time basis. For traditional, environmental, cultural, and political reasons, reindeer herding is legally reserved for only Sami people in some regions of the Nordic countries.

Well, well. That was an unpleasant surprise. I believed the Sami were successful in the reindeer business because they have the most skill and experience. They probably are. But, as the state violently threatens anyone who wants to compete with them, how can we know ? If you don’t like how that works then I recommend buying Bitcoin.

Reindeer Skins Are Graded By Quality

Different suppliers grade their reindeer skins with different names. Some use letters like school grades. Some use numbers or names.

Whatever category names are used, reindeer hides are usually classified in to about 5 categories like these:

  • A+ Premium Quality – The hide comes from a younger reindeer or calf, not from an adult. This means that the skin is not as big as is possible, but it looks the nicest and has the best durability. It has thick shiny hair which feels smooth and soft. The back side is clear and white and without insect marks or holes. This is the best type available and the type that we sell.
  • A High Quality – This is the type of reindeer skin that you will see for sale at an airport. It is also from the reindeer calve, but also the adults and it will have some natural insect marks on the leather side. They look like premium quality on the hair side. They are pretty good.
  • BStandard quality – Calf and Adult reindeer skins with some details on both sides including insect marks on the leather side. Some of the leather on the back side may feel tough and dry and not be as flexible as on the better quality skins.
  • CLow Quality – May have some holes and plenty of marks on the leather side.
  • DArts & Craft – As low quality, but incomplete skins.

Reindeer Allow Remote Living

Watch How This Incredible Family Lives Alongside Reindeer

Zakhar and Prokopy, ages 7 and 9, are growing up far from civilization on the Taymyr Peninsula of northern Siberia. Their family, members of the Dolgan minority, raise reindeer for a living. The boys are learning this demanding trade as well. In the past, the children of Russia’s nomadic groups were usually sent to boarding schools. They seldom returned permanently to their homes.

To help preserve their traditions and family units, the government of the Krasnoyarsk region has started a program of “mobile schools”. Teachers live with their students in remote regions. Between their duties with their herds, the boys are now taking lessons from 23-year-old Nelli Andreyevna, who teaches them math and explains who Mr. Putin is. (Kseniya Yelyan, RFE/RL’S Russian Service) .

Swedes Keep Reindeer Hides On The Wall

They look very nice on the wall, but I think they look equally nice on the floor. You get to feel them when you step or sit on them on the floor.

Southern Swedes see them more as a decoration or hunting trophy. The Sami, of course, see them as a very practical item. They can be made in to clothes, or just used as something to sit on when out in the snow.

They work brilliantly as a cover for the seat of a toboggan, or if you want to roast some marshmallows around a fire in the snow, you can sit on a reindeer skin and be totally insulated from the ground. It is very impressive how effective they are. A man made product that works this well would probably be heavy and expensive, but a reindeer hide can easily be attached to abackpack for any winter excursion.

Rugs UK - Reindeer Hides from The Real Rug Company
Taking My Reindeer Skin On A Trek

Reindeer Have Evolved To Be Comfortable At -62C ! Wow!

Thermoregulation in reindeer by
Pâivi Soppela1 , Mauri Nieminen1and Jouni Timisjàrvi2

The semi-domestic Finnish reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus L.) is well adapted to wide seasonal changes in climate, nutrition and photoperiod in the subarctic. Seasonal thermoregulation involves changes in insulation and metabolism.

Energy expenditure is lower in winter than in summer and metabolic requirements of thermoregulation are minimal. Heat is saved by effective fur insulation and peripheral heterothermia of the extremities (Irving and Krog, 1955). Consequently, the reindeer endures cold as severe as —62°C without evident difficulty (Gultsjak, 1954).

The winter fur of adult reindeer consisted of thick guard hairs with air-filled cavities and an underfur of thin and woollen hairs. There was no variation in thickness between the back and abdomen fur, but foreleg fur was thinner (P <0.001).

The density and length of guard hairs varied considerably and averaged 2000/cm2and 12 mm on the legs, 1000/cnr and 30 mm on the abdomen and 1700/cnr and 30 mm on the back (Timisjarvi et al, 1984). The corresponding counts on the back of calves were 3200/cm2and 10 mm. The guard and woollen hairs in calves could not be discriminated. Al l hairs were wool-like and hollow.

Reindeer Beat Cars In Finland

In Finland, reindeer are free to roam over about 33% of the land area. They are naturally a roaming animal, so this means that they some times cross roads.

“… the reindeer are allowed to move freely around in the reindeer husbandry area and the owner of a vehicle is not entitled to compensation for the damage to his vehicle from the reindeer owner. According to Finnish law, the reindeer owner is always entitled to compensation for the loss of a reindeer from the motor insurance. This compensation is owned by the Finnish Motor Insurers Centre.”
Source (page 141) 8mb PDF

Now you know that if you crash in to a reindeer in Finland, it is not the reindeer’s fault.

Reindeer Skins Have Many Uses

They are not only used as rugs or decorations, but the leather can be fashioned in to anything that leather from a cow can be made in to.

You can buy shoes, slipper, gloves and many other products made from reindeer skins. They are generally quite expensive. But I have founda very nice pair of shoes made from Reindeer leather would cost $99 from this Poland based reindeer leather shoe store.


We hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment below if we missed some interesting fact about reindeer hides. We love to get feedback.


Reindeer Hides Gallery

Here are some photographs of one a reindeer hide from our latest delivery. The quality is brilliant. I was very pleased indeed.

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