Highlander Shaggy Rug Mixed Purple 200x300cm – sku:hp4 (Clearance)

Original price was: £849.00.Current price is: £156.76.

This particular item is a customer return (colour didn’t suit) but during shipping, the outer packaging has been roughed up a little.

We have given some TLC but although we are happy that any customer would still love the beautiful rug itself, first impressions do matter so we are reducing this item purely because of the packaging.

This rug is made of luxuriously deep shag pile that feels and looks wonderful. It is the ultimate luxury shaggy rug. It is made from top-grade New Zealand wool and has a strong cotton back with reinforced edges.

It will last for many years and with years of use, the wool will develop a lustre. The colour is a mix of two purple colours. Most of the pile is just over 10cm deep!

One other thing to note is that the knots are in a checkerboard pattern rather than in rows like you find on lower quality rugs – which improves the evenness of the pile.

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