An Indian boat comes loaded with..8 tons of rugs!


8 tons of wonderful fluffy shag rugs, curly rugs, suede rugs, and new designer rugs are on the way to our warehouse.

Here is a taste of what’s coming:

We haven’t really decided what to call this rug yet. (Any ideas are welcome!) So far we thought, maybe rectangular spiral rug??

It will come in this colour and a couple of others. This rug is handtufted in 100% wool in the best quality from New Zeeland.

Some other news is our suede rugs (or leather rugs)

They look like this:

They are available in 5 colours and sizes.

Then we have our new “curly” rugs. (Which really are unscrewed Spring Twist Shag Rugs which feel and look like the curly fur of a persian sheep) o

They are easier to clean than our shaggy rugs (as highlander and flokati) because the yarn is twisted and it doesnt let go of as much fibres as a shag rug would do. You still get the “bouncyness”as our shag rugs have.

The curly rugs are also handtufted in 100% wool in the best quality from New Zeeland.

The curly rugs are available in 5 colours and 6 sizes.

Besides the new rugs, we will also restock the rugs that have sold out, and we will get some new colours in the old models as well.

Next week we will receive a truck loaded with 2 tons of flokatirugs from Greece!

You will find all our rugs on

Don’t forget that we have free delivery and free returns! 🙂

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