The real rug company versus Ikea – a comparison

Today, I stumbled across IKEAs Flokati rugs on their website.
I thought, we could never compete with such a massive company as IKEA because they buy enormous quantities.. but when I looked closer I noticed I was wrong.

See this comparison:

Our Flokati in our lightweight quality (1700g/m2), costs just £72 for the size 140×200 cm – and that includes free delivery. It is handtufted in 100% fine wool from New Zeeland in the Flokatis homeland Greece.

The squaremeter price for our rug is : £25.7
The price per kg for our rug is: £15.11

Ikeas thickest flokati is 800g/m2, and costs just £44.99 for the same size, but…
It is machinetufted, in these materials:
Pile: 100 % Pure New Wool
Base fabric: 100% polypropylene

The squaremeter price for IKEAs rug is : £16.06
The price per kg for IKEAs rug is: £20

So..consider this next time you buy a rug, that the rug you think might be the cheapest one isnt always really the cheapest one!


You will of course find our rugs on

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7 years ago

I've just met you, and I'm absolutely amazed with everything : design, prices, quality and the care you put on environment! I bought a superb rug at Ikea ( a thick, colourful and expensive one ).
I would be delighted to buy some rugs from you, but unfortunately I noticed that you don't despatch to Portugal …. I wonder why (!?).
I live next to Spain !!

7 years ago
Reply to  June Gardens

Yes, we can deliver rugs to Portugal. It’s not too expensive, just checkout and the website will calculate the shipping price based on the size and weight! We use UPS for the shipping.

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